J.R Liggett’s old fashioned shampoo bar

Thoughts on shampoo

I recently started using a bar shampoo to do away with the plastic bottle of a modern liquid shampoo. Bar soaps cost around $5 and last up to 24 shampoos (the same as a liquid brand) and are packaged if at all, in a simple paper wrapper. An environmental, economical, and aesthetic no brainer.

J.S Liggett’s old fashioned shampoo bar, is a brand carried by my local green market and have been really happy with it. There are a ton of brands out there, and there are also a number of forums dedicated to the waxy residue left from some of these. I haven’t had any issues with this one at all.

The formula for this incredible and unique bar of shampoo was discovered loosely placed in an old New England Cookbook many years ago by J.R.LIGGETT. Its 100% vegetable oil formulation lathers quickly, cleans well, and rinses out and easily, leaving you with healthy, beautiful, and clean hair. It will not strip the natural oils from your hair (there are no detergents) for this reason most people do not need a conditioner! It just smells clean. Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, fresh pure New Hampshire spring water, sodium hydroxide (a binder) and essential oils for fragrances.

Fantastic and very useful hair washing techniques courtesy of the New York Times circa 1908.

Beyond bar shampoo

No Poo (no shampoo) movement theory:

Shampoo has only been used with fervor since the 1970s. Before then, either regular soap was used a few times a month or, just after the early 20th century, shampoo was used only a few times a year. It was in the 1970s that shampoo use became prevalent. Ads featuring Farrah Fawcett and Christie Brinkley asserted that it was unhealthy not to shampoo several times a week. This mindset is reinforced by the greasy feeling of the scalp after a day or two of not shampooing. Using shampoo every day removes sebum, the oil produced by the scalp. This causes the sebaceous glands to produce oil at a higher rate, to compensate for what is lost during shampooing. According to some dermatologists, a gradual reduction in shampoo use will cause the sebum glands to produce at a slower rate, resulting in less grease in the scalp. – Wikipedia

– Corinna

1 thought on “J.R Liggett’s old fashioned shampoo bar”

  1. Lovely! I’ve been using baking soda for my no-poo hair maintenance for about 2 years, the same stash I use to clean the tub. Shampoo tends to dry out my already dry hair.

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