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Pasta with Meat Sauce: Healthy Like

Bison, Tomato Stew with Kale & Spaghetti Squash

Healthy, fresh and flavorful, and using Spaghetti Squash as a pasta alternative, this is a wonderful, quick meal. This is not spaghetti-o’s in a can, but I promise it doesn’t take much more of an effort to make. I served this with Apple wedges sprinkled with a little salt and dried parsley. It might sound silly, but I find that apples do a good job or replacing bread as a side snack.


(makes 4 servings)

1 pound fresh ground, Bison Meat

3 Beefsteak Tomatoes – chopped

1 Onion – chopped

1 bunch Kale – stems removed, and chopped

1 Spaghetti Squash – halved and seeds removed

3 cloves Garlic – minched

1 tablespoon Olive Oil

1/2 cup white wine

Salt & Pepper to taste

Grated Parmesan


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Place both halves of the spaghetti squash (skins sides, down), in a large baking dish. Fill bottom of baking dish with 1/2 inch of water, and bake for  45 minutes or until you can pull the spaghetti like flesh of the squash apart with a fork. This should be very easy. If still hard, let it cook a little longer. check the squash regularly and add more water as it evaporates. Remove from oven and when cool enough to handle, use a fork to separate the spaghetti strand flesh from the skins and set aside.

2. Combine the onion and olive oil, and saute in a large pot over high heat until soft. Add the Bison Meat and cook just long enough to brown it. Add the tomatoes, garlic, wine, salt and pepper. Lower heat a bit and cook, stirring often, until meat is cooked and tomatoes have broken down a bit. You’re not looking to make a thick tomato sauce, but instead, more of a fresh chunky stew.

3. Turn heat off and stir in the raw kale. This will soften the kale, but retain all of it’s wonderful vitamins and nutrients.

4. To serve, fill bowl half with the cooked spaghetti squash and then cover with the Bison Stew. Top with grated parmesan.

– Corinna

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