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Hearty, Fall Lima Bean & Cabbage Soup

It’s fall in New York City, foggy and grey. I love this time of year. Orange leaves twisting through the air, forgotten sweaters retrieved from closet corners, and thick, hearty soups made from green market greens are all I want to eat. This is my variation of a soup from Angelica’s Kitchen, a wonderful vegan restaurant in the East Village focusing on sustainable agriculture. I’ve been a patron since I was Macrobiotic years ago and they made a simple diet easy and delicious without a lot of fuss and fanfare. Simply, simple food from good simple ingredients.


Soak 1.5 cups Lima Beans in 4 cups water for 6-8 hours (overnight). Rinse and drain.

Saute lightly in a large pot:

2 tblsp Olive Oil

1 small Spanish Onion (chopped)

2 cloves garlic (crushed and chopped)

1/2 small  Green Cabbage (about 2 cups chopped, packed)

3 Carrots (chopped)

2 Stalks Celery (chopped)

2 bay leaves

Transfer veggies to a bowl.

Add beans and 8 cups water (vegetablestock can be substituted). Cook for 1  hour, or until beans are soft. removed bay leaves before serving.

Season to taste with salt & pepper

Serves 4

Lima beans, also known as Baby Lima Beans, or Butter Beans are rich in Protein, Iron, Vitamin C,  Fiber, and Carbohydrates. Bought dry, they can be stored indefinitely and on hand whenever needed. In addition, Both Lima Beans and Cabbage have virtually no saturated fats or cholesterol.

– Corinna

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